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Sagada, Mt. Province Philippines

Follow us on our tour and adventures at the beautiful place of Sagada, Mt. Province.

Cagayan De Oro White Water Rafting

Conquering 21 major rapids at Cagayan De Oro River. A very rewarding experience for a beginner like me!

The Majestic Mayon Volcano

The Mayon Volcano is well-known for its perfect cone shape. Even the thick clouds that cover some part of the volcano won't stop you from getting impressed with its majestic beauty.

Summerscape at CamSur: Wakeboarding

Summer's definitely not over yet. Wakeboarding at CamSur can make your arms and neck really sore but it's all worth the fun and experience! :)

Isla Gigantes Adventure

An unspoiled group of islands in the town of Carles, Iloilo. White sand, pristine water, and beautiful scenery - truly a paradise.

Snorkeling. More fun in the Philippines

With those giant whale sharks swimming in Tan-awan, Oslob sea, snorkeling is indeed more fun in the Philippines!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Questions Lyrics by Bamboo Mañalac

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So Bamboo is back with a new single titled, Questions. Bamboo says that this song is something personal but somehow speaks of human experience. True enough. You can listen to the single at his website, And thanks to Bamboo for posting the lyrics! :)

Questions by Bamboo Manalac Lyrics

It’s a lonely road out there we’re all just waiting
For these answers that may never come our way
So we hold on to each other
Hoping to find what’s missing
A million more questions by the end of the day

We’ve been getting all this inside information
Are you as confused as me it’s all just driving you insane
Throw some money at the problem
Lose your inhibitions go talk to someone
A million more questions by the end of the day

It’s who we are
It’s who we are

We try to get away – hide- pray for shade
What will we find
A return to sacred ground or the memory of one
Is it a new day?
Bored? Sounds.. all too familiar
A Good excuse for change in pace
Go forth be a happy clone
questions by the end of the day

It’s who we are
It’s who we are

Running in circles
In this once in a lifetime
I got this
One last chance
To ditch this borderline life
My place in this world
This Last day I draw breath
I’m about to collide
With myself

It’ll all get better all you need is time
Drag yourself out of bed
Waiting for that change in season
Praying for a line
Living in a rainbow
Or drowning in the gray
You’ve filled in all the blanks
It ain’t all that bad
Questions by the end of the day

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bamboo Is Back!

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What a great news to start the week! Bamboo is back. Not the band though, just Bamboo Mañalac. Hear it straight from him:

He is currently in the US for a tour with Gloc 9. Rumors say that he will be part of the Tanduay First Five finale but there's no confirmation to that yet. Hopefully we'll get to catch him here in the Philippines soon. (♥,♥)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

City of Wonder Allies

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Google Plus has been buzzing up the cyberspace ever since it was launched. I myself wasn't able to join the first time they allowed an invitation-only registration. On the second time, I grabbed the chance. Google+ is a social network but different from Facebook. I like the "circles" feature because its easier to set your privacy by just selecting which circle your post will be visible. Anyway, its a pity that only a few of my friends and colleagues are on Google+. I'd really love to have more friends here so that I can invite more allies in City of Wonder. LOL

City of Wonder Allies

I love playing online games. I've played Facebook apps like Restaurant City, Farmville, Farmtown, Zuma, Bejeweled, and Cityville. So a game was one of the first things I checked in Google+ and I've been addicted to City of Wonder ever since. It also has a Facebook app but I've already started it in Google+. Besides, I can add more allies without adding them as friends. So who wants an ally in Google+ City of Wonder? Please add me to your circle and send me an invite -

Looking forward for some new allies. Thanks!!!