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Monday, July 16, 2012

Self-Pampering Day at SM City Iloilo

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I just turned a year older last thursday, 12th of July and celebrated it with my bestfriends over the whole weekend. We went to Bacolod, partied for 2 nights, strolled, videoke, watched movie, etc.

Now before I start my work week, I thought of pampering myself first!

Posh Nails at SM City Iloilo is pricey but their service is commendable. The advantage here is that the place is quiet unlike in hair salons because they only specialize in nail/hand/feet care services. They have wi-fi too! :D

After pampering my feet, I then went to Forever Flawless for a body scrub. They give 50% discount for non-medical services if it's your birth month so I grabbed the opportunity! :D Body scrub at Forever Flawless originally costs PhP2000 but I only paid PhP1000. 

The body scrub made my skin feel lighter and smoother and I was quite satisfied with their service. But honestly, I don't think I'd do it again for Spa Riviera also has body scrub services for less than PhP1000 but it wasn't that great. They only scrub your body with "rice scrub" - that's all. I could have just bought a body scrub product and did it myself. Unlike with Forever Flawless, they use salt scrub, put a "mask" after it and finish it off by putting lotion all over your body. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ocean City Iloilo

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Ocean City is a well-known seafood restaurant here in Iloilo City. I haven't been to any of their restaurants until yesterday. I was only able to taste their food at SM City's food court section. But I only get to really appreciate them Our virtual team makes it a point to meet once in a while so we had lunch at Ocean City yesterday located at General Luna St. It was also an advance birthday celebration for me! ^^ 

 The restaurant is divided into two parts. There's an airconditioned section and an open area. Though it would have been great to stay in the airconditioned part of the restaurant because it was hot outside, we chose to sit in the open area because we could freely talk a bit loud without being a nuisance to other customers. They have the same menu anyway. 

Ocean City offers a variety of food from chicken dishes to pork, beef, and seafoods. We ordered a set meal worth PhP2500 which was already good for a maximum of 12 persons. There were 9 of us and I could say that it was more than enough because we had leftovers which we took home. :D 

Here are some of their dishes. 

Bird's Nest Soup

Roast Chicken


Chicken (Sweet & Sour?)

Fried Rice


The Verdict:

Food is definitely delicious! The price is not cheap but not too expensive as well. I guess it's cheaper if you are in a group. Our bill was around PhP2,800 because drinks were not included in the set meal. 

The service wasn't very satisfying though. We asked for plates for the cake and they gave us only 4 when they can clearly see that there were 9 of us. I don't know if the restaurant closes in the afternoon or not because the waiters were already cleaning our table even if we were still busy chatting and video calling. They also asked us if we'd like to take home some of the leftovers but I just said "later" because I was still eating.