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Sagada, Mt. Province Philippines

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Dropzone Experience

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Dahilayan Adventure Park: Drop Zone

Aside from the dual zipline, which Dahilayan Adventure Park boasts as the longest in Asia, what I really wanted to try is the Drop Zone. I have tried Bohol's, The Plunge, and it gave me a real extreme and stress-relieving experience. The Plunge and the Drop Zone are pretty much the same actually. I just don't know which of the two is higher.

Anyway, the Drop Zone is 120 ft level high and here's my video of it. I just put an audio because my scream was really Enjoy!

Rate for the Drop Zone is PhP500/pax and PhP750/pair. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

White Water Rafting at CDO

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White water rafting is available in several places in the Philippines. But I guess Cagayan De Oro is the most popular spot for this adventure. 

During our recent CDO trip, I wanted to squeeze in Dahilayan Adventure Park, white water rafting, and Camiguin tour in 4days/3nights (Friday-Monday). But it was not convenient for us because Dahilayan only offers shuttle service during Saturdays. White water rafting takes about 5-6 hours including travel time to the site. Then Camiguin is about 2-4 hours travel time away from CDO city depending on your mode of transportation. So we needed to choose between Camiguin and White Water Rafting for our Sunday schedule. Our reservation for the white water rafting wasn't sure yet because each boat needs to have a minimum of 4-5 persons. Which means that we had to wait for a couple or a trio to reserve on the same date. So we decided that if we cannot go on a white water rafting activity, we'll just go to Camiguin. Luckily, there were also 2 guests who booked on the same date so the Camiguin tour was cancelled.

1st Rafting Adventure

We booked our whitewater rafting activity with 1st Rafting Adventure as referred by an inspiring and very helpful travel blogger, Journeying James. There are a number of companies that offer this activity. To make it easier for me to choose, I just relied on James' referral. :)

1st Rafting Adventure has been in business for 17 years already. Several local celebrities and politicians have joined "paddled" with them: Angel Locsin, Piolo Pascual, Marc Nelson, Dyan Castillejo, and even former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
1st Rafting Adventure was very accommodating. I contacted them to inquire about their services months before our trip and they answered my every query. I just booked with them few days before our trip and it was really helpful that they are easy to communicate with. I was able to reach them through email, facebook, and mobile phone.

The rate for the white water rafting advance course 1 was only PhP1000 per person. It included transportation service to the rafting site, rafting guides, gears, and lunch at Brewberry cafe. Already a good deal, right? The Advance Course 1 has 21 rapids and took about 3-4 hours. 

We did not only have a rafting experience but a fun tour at Cagayand De Oro River which separates Bukidnon and Cagayan. To the right of the river was Bukidnon and to the left was Cagayan De Oro. While on still water, we had the chance to swim, jump from a big rock, and of course take pictures. 

Here are some photos taken by our rafting photographers. All of our pictures were compiled in one CD and we paid PhP250 for it. 

High Five! Ahoo! Ahoo!

at a small waterfall

Photographer 1 on a kayak

Photographer 2


FUN is on our
With our guide and photographer
It was really a pity that I was not able to bring my underwater camera. I saw a crack on its edge so I decided not to bring it just to be safe. It would have been really fulfilling to shoot a video while rafting. lol

Anyhow, it was really really fun. The guides are easy to get along with and you'll enjoy their company too.If I go back to CDO, I'd really want to do this again and maybe try a higher course with more rapids. First timers can already go for the Advance 1 course instead of the beginner's course. The rapids looked scary but I think there was nothing to be afraid of. 

For those planning to try whitewater rafting in CDO, make reservations as early as possible especially if there are less than 4 of you so that they can let you join in other groups.

1st Rafting Adventure Contact Details:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dahilayan Adventure Park

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Dahilayan Adventure Park boasts of its Dual Zipline being the longest in Asia. So I didn't let the chance pass when I went to Cagayan De Oro last weekend. They say that unplanned trips usually turn out to be the best ones, and I agree with that. However, I still believe that being equipped with essential information can save you from hassles. I just proved it true in our trip to Dahilayan, Bukidnon. They only offer a shuttle service every Saturday at 8am. If you missed it, it would really be difficult and expensive to go there. Their mini van/shuttle service parks at Coffeeworks Divisoria at 8am. They do not accept reservations for the trip. It is on a first come first served basis only. Luckily enough there weren't too many passengers that time. Roundtrip fare is only PhP350.


The bus ride to Dahilayan was breathtaking. We passed by a number of plantations along the way and some of which were owned by Del Monte.

More Photos Here: Road To Dahilayan
On that day, there was a marathon event and we passed by some runners along the way. Running on that rough road at a very hot day was really impressive of them and the shortest distance of the event was 50-something kilometers! Whew! There were even no trees along the road to give them some shade while running.

ACTIVITIES: Zipline, Dropzone, etc.

Upon reaching Dahilayan Adventure Park, we went to the zipzone and paid for the 840m dual zipline and for the Drop Zone,a  free fall from 120 feet. They do not have a locker but the girl, who was one of their staffs, told us to leave our bag where they place the helmets and just bring our valuables with us. And so we did. It was also safe to bring a camera while ziplining. That's why I was able to shoot a video of Paul while "flying by wire". :D

There are many activities to enjoy at Dahilayan Adventure Park aside from the Ziplines and Drop Zone. The Forest Park offers different activities like the Luge, Zorb, mini-golf, and the Rope. Our bus was scheduled to leave at 4pm so we had a lot of time to explore the Forest Park. We didn't try any activities though. We just paid an entrance fee of PhP100 each. They have a picnic area, restaurant/cafe, and a wide place with magnificent view for cam-whoring. ^^




We had lunch at Pine Grove Mountain Lodge. Food is really good... and expensive! Not too expensive but... just expensive. lol The servings can be good for two persons though so you can still save some food expenses. There are no other restaurants or even establishments around so we didn't have any choice that time since we haven't visited the Forest Park yet.

There's a cafe in the Forest Park where you can have lunch as well but the price is pretty much the same at Pine Grove Mountain Lodge. So for those who do not want to spend much here, you can bring your own food and enjoy eating at the picnic area.


Here are some info on the activities and rates at Dahilayan Adventure Park (click the photo to enlarge). For more details, you may check their website:



Dahilayan Adventure Park is certainly a must-visit when you go to Cagayan De Oro. But make sure to go there on Saturday for a cheaper and more convenient trip.

Is it a place I'd love to go back to? Definitely! But if I ever go back to CDO, Dahilayan won't be on top of my list. I want to go to Camiguin first. We were supposed to go there actually but due to time constraint, we weren't able to. Then I want to go water rafting again and maybe visit Ma. Cristina Falls in Iligan. :D

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Having A Great Time at Cagayan De Oro

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Cagayan De Oro has been giving me a blast so far. Just came from Dahilayan Adventure Park at Bukidnon. I was still sleepy on the way to Dahilayan and wanted to take a nap while on the road. But the day was bright and the clouds are so fluffy. I also knew that we'll be able to pass by Del Monte plantations like pineapple so I decided to stay awake so as not to miss the view. I actually felt like on an African Safari trip because of the beautiful clouds, fields, and trees like the ones I see on photos. Ok that's only based on the photos I saw so I was just somehow fantasizing I was on a Safari trip. lol

Dahilayan Adventure Park reminded me of E.A.T. Danao in Bohol. It's just mre beautiful and it felt like Baguio too because of the pine trees and the cool temperature.

Togeher with Paul, I conquered the 840M Zip Zone, dubbed as the longest dual zipline in Asia. I also tried the Drop Zone, a free fall from 120ft level. It was a version of E.A.T. Danao's "The Plunge". But I prefer the latter because I was Dropped in the middle of two mountains with a river in between.

The fluffy morning clouds went gloomy at noon though and it rained in the afternoon. It just made the temperature colder and I even felt like freezing already. But we were actually lucky with that rain because it gave us a beautiful rainbow just before our schedule to leave.

Dahilayan Adventure Park is really a beautiful place with scenic views that you'll want to take pictures everywhere. The activities are also fun so it was all worth our time going there. 

Tomorrow we're going for a white water rafting and we're just so excited! :D

(I'll be posting more details about this trip soon...)

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