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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WW: Sheridan Boutique Resort, Iloilo

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Life's been very busy lately and I've missed several weeks in my Wordless Wednesday series. So it has been my goal to update the blog before Wednesday ends. 

Last week, me and my friend went swimming at Sheridan Boutique Resort located at Oton, Iloilo for her birthday photoshoot. The set of photos can be found at my Facebook page - Life-Trotting. I'd really appreciate it if you "like" my page.heheh

Disclamer: It was a non-pro photoshoot just for fun. ^^

So for this week's (not-so) Wordless Wednesday, here are some photos of the beautiful luxury resort:

The Azure Infinity Pool
The Gazebo
The Casitas

Ayanna Restaurant
Yours Truly! LOL