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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Avida Village Iloilo - A Place For Nonnomadic Traveler

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As part of my online job, I have a good chance to read a lot of travel-related blogs which inspires me to travel even just locally. I admire most those who quit their jobs, sold their properties, packed their bags, and traveled the world as nomads. I know I love to travel but I don't think I'd love to be a nomad. ^^

Since I have no plans of being a nomad traveler, me and boyfie, decided to buy a property in Iloilo. There are many subdivisions or villages to choose from but we went for Avida Village located at Brgy. Balabag, Pavia, Iloilo. We chose Avida Village among others for a number of reasons:

  1. It's developed by Ayala Lands Inc.!
  2. The houses they build has the highest quality among the ones we've checked.
  3. Avida employees, including site workers, aren't just professionals. They dress like I just want to stress this out because of an experience we had in one of the subdivisions here in Iloilo. Their site engineer walks out of the house to puff a cigarette while we were having an official inspection. How cool is that? Avida employees, on the other hand, dress like true professionals, not like a typical sales agent or customer service representatives. Even their carpenters wear a uniform and proper gears such as helmet and vest while working. On the other subdivision that I am talking about, their carpenters don't have a helmet, wear slippers, don't have a vest, and don't even wear a uniform.
  4. Houses under construction at Avida Village are covered so that it won't obstruct the beautiful view of the village. Visitors and homeowners will be kept safe from construction debris as well.
  5. Price difference from other subdivisions are not very significant.
  6. The village is not too big compared to others and houses don't look congested.

Avida Village in Iloilo has 3 Model Houses: Cresta, Phoebe, and Stella. Interested buyers may also choose to buy lots only instead of a house & lot. Boyfie and I chose to buy the Cresta model. I personally like it among the 3 models even if it's the smallest. The size is not an issue for us right now since only the two of us will reside in there for a start. It's the cheapest also (though this may depend on the lot area as well) so it fits our budget well. 

Cresta Model House
Cresta is a one-bedroom house with a loft provision which can be converted into an office, a 2nd bedroom, or in any way you want.  It has a 120 sq. m. standard lot size with 45 sq. m. floor area. The deliverable unit already includes vinyl flooring, wall paint, and toilet & bathroom tiles.

I actually have a lot of plans in mind for the house designs, layouts, etc. but we haven't moved in yet and we have to prioritize what important things or furniture to put in first. So that's it for now.

I hope this post is helpful to those who are looking for a property to invest in Iloilo City. There are many house & lot for sale in Iloilo but don't be fooled with what you see in pictures and what sellers or agents tell you. They don't disclose everything about the property. We've already had a bad experience in one of the subdivisions here in Iloilo and we've learnt a lot of things from it. So far, Ayala Land Inc. is the best company that we've dealt with.

I'm not affiliated with Avida Land Inc. and I'm not selling any Avida property as well. But if you have queries, you may contact me anytime. I will answer your questions when I can. :)