Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summerscape at CamSur

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Summer was scorching hot here in the Philippines. But it already started raining at the end of May which was unusually early. It doesn't mean summer is over though! Just came from Camarines Sur last weekend. There was no definite plan and I didn't make any reservations either. Here's my original itinerary for our CamSur trip which was not really final due to time constraint:

June 14 - CamSur and Legazpi
Check-in at CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC) at Naga
Head to Cagsawa Ruins at Legazpi Albay then bak to Naga
Wakeboarding at CWC
June 15 - Caramoan
Leave Naga at around 3am and head to Sabang Port (about 2-hr ride)
Ride a boat from Sabang Port to Guijalo Port
Check-in at Caramoan
Island hopping around Caramoan
June 16
Should leave Guijalo port at around 3-4am by renting a boat (public boat trips starts at 7am) to catch our flight back to Manila at 10:45am. 

Apparently, upon checking in at Villa Del Ray, we were so tired that we decided to take a nap before going to Legazpi. Since we didn't have enough sleep the night before, we decided to cancel the Caramoan trip and head over to Legazpi the next day. I think it was a good call since we may have never enjoyed the Caramoan trip in just one day and it would also be very expensive for us to rent a boat both for island hopping and for dropping us off at Sabang Port on Sunday just to catch our flight. I guess squeezing in Naga, Albay, and Caramoan in just 2 nights wasn't a good itinerary at all.lol 

As I have said, I didn't make any reservations for this trip because our itinerary wasn't final. Upon arrival at Naga airport, there were taxi drivers asking us for our destination. One driver asked me if we're going to Sabang, I said we might go there the next day. He gave me a calling card and said that he can drive us there for PhP1500! I asked if there are public vans, he said none. But I didn't believe him because according to my research, we can commute going to Sabang Port. Then I said we're heading to CWC and fortunately, he directed us to the free shuttle service provided by CWC.

We didn't expect the free shuttle service so CWC was already making a good impression on us by that time. We chose the trailer or the Villa Del Ray Containers since there were only 2 of us. Rate was PhP1500/night.

Villa Del Ray
Villa Del Rey Wood Cabins
Villa Del Rey Cabanas
Villa del Rey Containers
Inside The Container
Massage Huts
There's Miss Kris Aquino Shooting for KrisTV

Trying Our Wakeboarding "Skills"!!! 

It was not easy but it was totally F.U.N.  How I wish I could wakeboard like a pro. I really want to learn how to flip in midair. lol We planned to wakeboard again the next day when we get back from Legazpi. But our body, specifically the arms and neck, are really really sore! 

Free swimming at the clubhouse pool after wakeboarding


I personally like the name of their bar. lol Who wouldn't want to have a happy ending after your body got sore from wakeboarding? It's just beside the clubhouse and the ambiance was a bit cozy, perfect place to chill.>


According to a weather forecast, there was supposed to be a typhoon entering the country on June 14 at 6pm. But I guess it didn't push through. Otherwise, we wouldn't have these blue skies and fluffy clouds! I just love taking pictures of this scenery. :D

CamSur Expenses

Manila-Naga Roundtrip Airfare      1177.12    
     (Cebu Pacific Promo Fare) 
Airport-CWC                                      0.00 
2 nights accommodation       
     (1500 / 2persons x 2nights)     1500.00 
1-hour wakeboarding (night rate)    175.00 
CWC-Airport                                             0.00
Total Basic Expenses Per Person    2852.12  

Note: I didn not include the food expenses here because you have the option to dine at the clubhouse or go to other restaurants at Naga City. CWC also provides free scheduled shuttle service to SM Naga and vice versa.

The Legazpi trip will be covered in my next post. :)


wow nakatayo ka! last time we tried there kneeboarding lang kami... hehehe

commex, nov6

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