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Travel Guide: Isla Gigantes in Less Than PhP2000

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Ever since we have posted pictures of our Isla Gigantes Adventure, friends started to ask a lot of questions on how to get there, how much did we spend all in all, etc. So I thought I'd post a guide on how to get to Isla Gigantes and some tips on what to expect at the island.

Gigantes Group of Islands is accessible via Estancia (Iloilo) port.

How To Get There:

1. Estancia is just 2 hours away from Roxas City, Capiz via Ceres bus. Fare is PhP81.
    From Iloilo, bus ride is approximately 3.5 hours. Fare is PhP145 via Sara/Balasan-bound Ceres bus.
    Estancia-bound bus fare from Iloilo is PhP152.

2. From the bus terminal, you can go to the port of Estancia by riding a tricycle. Fare is only PhP10.

3. Passenger boats leave from Estancia port at 2pm so make sure you arrive early. Boat travel is approximately 1.5-2hrs and fare is PhP80 per person. From Isla Gigantes to Estancia port, passenger boats leave at 9am.

4. Once you get to the island, you will have to ride a motorcycle going to Gigantes Hideaway Inn. Fare is also PhP10 per person.

Important Notes:

*For those who need to travel by plane, nearest airport would be in Roxas City. But flights are very limited. If there is no flight to Roxas City from your area, next option is Iloilo or Kalibo. But I am not sure if there is direct bus or van routes from Kalibo to Estancia.

*Sara/Balasan Ceres bus will only drop you off at Bani-an corner where you will have to ride a tricycle going to Estancia port which is about 5-10 minutes. Tricycle fare is also PhP10.

*I think there are also L300 passenger vans that travel to Estancia but I'm not sure about this.

*It is best to contact someone from the Island to know if there is a boat trip when you get there. They may also arrange a boat service for you.

*It is best to go there during summer as it may be difficult or may not even be possible to go to the island when there is low pressure in the area.


Electricity in the island is limited. It is only available from 4pm-11:30pm. Though the resort uses a generator after the electricity is cut off. But i think they only turn the generator on for a few hours.

Mobile Networks

There is no mobile network signal in the island. You can try hanging your cellphone on the tree. You may be able to receive some text messages. If you are desperate to make a phone call or send a text message, the resort caretakers can accompany you to a higher area within the mountains where there is a signal. They call it their "call center". ^^

Water Supply

The resort owner, Mr. Joel Decano, boasts of their unlimited water supply which comes from a natural spring. You can even drink water straight from the faucet. We brought our own mineral water but we were also able to drink from their supply. It has a taste so you may not get used to it easily. :)

Gigantes Hideaway Inn Expenses


Accommodation is PhP200 per person per night. You can take any of the rooms they offer. Our group occupied the whole house which has 3 bedrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen, and 1 restroom.


The resort can provide food for you. They will charge you with the same price from the market. Then you will just give their cook, Manang Anggay, a tip for her cooking service. Seafoods are very cheap in the island and our sumptuous dinner on our first night was only PhP745.

Island Hopping

Boat rental is PhP2500 including the tour guide fee. This activity will take you to seven beautiful islands including Tanke, a natural pool.


The tour guide fee for spelunking is PhP200.


Breakdown of Isla Gigantes Expenses (Accommodation, Food, Activities, Tips):


3kgs Scallops (Shell-on) @35/kg - 105
1kg Scallops (meat)                       100
1.5kg Fish @ 80/kg                       120
2kgs Crab @190/kg                       380
Soup                                               40 
Total                                             745


7 Eggs            56
Hotdog           25 
Total              81


.5 kg Scallop (Meat)    50


2kgs Scallops (shell-on)     70
.5kg Scallops (Meat)         50
1kg Fish                            80
2kgs Crab                         380
1.5 gantang Rice              120 
Total                                 700

Accommodation (2nights)

7pax @ 200each - 2800

Activities & Misc.

Boat Rental - 2500
Spelunking Tour Guide Service - 200
Cooking Service Tip - 358

Overall Total Expenses at the Island: 7700

Total Expenses per person: 1100


Here is a breakdown of the overall total expenses for each person (in a group of 7) for the Isla Gigantes trip:

Bus fare from Roxas or Iloilo: 80 (Roxas) / 145 (Iloilo)
Tricycle Fare from terminal to Andok's Restaurant: 10
Andok's Restaurant (lunch): 40
Tricycle Fare To Pa-on Beach Club (Side trip while waiting for the boat schedule at 2pm):10
Pa-on Beach Club Entrance Fee: 20 (consumable)
Tricycle Fare to Port: 10
Boat Fare to Isla Gigantes: 80
Motorcycle fare to Gigantes Hideaway: 10
Gigantes Hideaway Inn Expenses (Accommodation,Food,Activities  + tips): 1100
Boat Fare Back To Estancia - 80
Tricycle Fare to Pa-on Beach Club - 10
Lunch at Pa-on Beach Club (No entrance fee if you eat there or maybe order something) - 145
Tricycle Fare To Bus Terminal - 10
Bus Fare to Roxas or Iloilo - 80 (Roxas) / 152 (Iloilo)

Overall Total Expenses Per Person:

From Roxas - PhP1685

From Iloilo - PhP1822


Isla Gigantes Contact Information:

Joel Decano
Proprietor/Tourism Officer
Facebook: Isla Gigantes


hmmmmm. i thought mahal puntahan ito. thanks sa infos, hope to visit this before the year ends.

btw, i like the breakdown of expenses

Yup, pg marami kau ms mura. Tnx for dropping by Kuya James. :)

Looks like a rugged, awesome place to visit!

Hi Amberr,

Yes it's an awesome place to visit. :) Thanks for dropping by.

Thanks for the info. We are going there tomorrow! :-)

@Anonymous My pleasure. Have fun! :)

children below 7 y o was included in group of 7 or no? wer planning to go there by mArch... the rooms wer fan or with ac? pls reply.. thanks..

I think its safe to bring children 5 years of age or older. But I'm not sure with the resort's policy. We just had fan rooms. I think they have improved the resorts by now. You can contact them directly if you want. Contact details are provided in the post above. :)

Panu po pag pang dalawa lng ung breakdown po? At pwede po mgbaon na lng ng food?

Panu po breakdown kong pang dalawa?pwede mo ba mg among ng food?

sir pano po kung 2 lng kame? Mas mahal kaya magagasto namin papunta jan at ang accomodation,two nights lng sna.. from mambusao.

Mas mahal po cguro. But try to contact Sir Joel Decano nlng po pra sure kng magkano magagastos nyo if 2 lng kau. Kasi as what I've heard parang madami nang improvements dun. Nasa post po ung contact details nya. Thanks! :)

Pag overnight lng kmi, pila magasto namon? From Roxas City.

@Empty if sa Gigantes Hideaway Inn kmu its PhP200 per night per person. But my bago na dw to na resort and I don't know the rates. Contact mu nlng c Sir Joel Decano for more info. His contact details are provided at the end of this post. Thanks!

This is good... my only issue is, I'm going solo.
is it possible to hitch with boat rental and island hopping from other guest?


I think its possible. Just contact Sir Joel Decano and tell him ur plans. Mbait naman un eh pwedeng mpakiusapan.heheh

hi! Good day!I was trying to contact Mr. Decano on the #s that's posted on this page, however it's not working anymore . Does he have any new contact # that u know of? Coz my friends and I are planning to go there this week, unfor2nately we don't have any contact or anyone who knows the place. Any help would be appreciated... thank you!

Hello. I don't have other contact numbers of Sir Joel. We were able to contact him recently at 09184685006. Try to text him through that number from to time. He'll reply or call you when he reads it. Signal is really low in their area. Or leave him a message at Facebook...

Hope that helps. Thanks for visiting. :)

Joel decano offered us P2110/per person, is this reasonable?

Hi Ruffa,

My reply might be a bit late already. What does the package include? Did you avail it?


Thanks its my mothers hometown i didnt know there is a place to visit there. I really love the infos.

Hi Shiblon. Where's your mother from? You should go to Isla Gigantes if you get the chance to visit your mother's hometown. :)

I have booked for Ilo-Ilo on Dec of this year. Isla de Gigantes is actually my target. Thank you for this blog that serves as guide on how to explore the place. And I also liked the breakdown of expenses. Kudos!

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