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Sand Bar Island Beach Resort, Concepcion Iloilo

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Western Visayas Paradise Islands (Aside From Boracay)

Boracay is the first thing that comes to mind to most people who want to have an island getaway. Its paradise-like beauty is undeniable. But little did we know, there are more paradise islands in Western Visayas: I've been to Guimaras, Isla Gigantes, and just recently, to Sand Bar Island Beach Resort in Concepcion, Iloilo. These islands also have white sand, fresh air, and beautiful scenery. But unlike Boracay, these islands are unspoiled, not too crowded, and still in its pristine beauty.

Sand Bar Island Beach Resort

This small island, owned by Mr. Sonny Eusala, is located in Concepcion Iloilo. It is a three-hour bus ride from Iloilo City and about thirty-minute boat ride from Concepcion port. Upon arrival, the water was overflowing on the long stretch of sand bar. The sand is still visible though and it was even a more welcoming site for us.

The clear beach water was very inviting for a swim. There is a small boat or a canoe that can be rented at the resort for a fee of PhP100/hour.  During low tide, it's hard to miss the opportunity to stroll around the island. The white sand and the fresh sea breeze are perfect for a lazy stroll. The surrounding nearby islands are a beautiful scenery that makes the place even more beautiful.

Needless to say, Sand Bar Island Beach Resort is really BEAUTIFUL.

The Resort

There are small and big cottages in the island resort where guests can stay overnight. No aircon and fan but you wouldn't really need them. Their shower room and comfort rooms are clean enough. Open cottages are also available for a fee for those who are staying for the day but free for overnight guests.

Guests can bring their own food and cook it in the resort. For overnight stayers, make sure to buy ice for food storage. You can borrow an ice box from them and other cooking materials. There is also a sari-sari store in the resort where you can buy basic necessities like cooking oil, coffee, dish washing liquid etc. But its better to bring your own because they're somehow overpriced.

The resort can provide fresh water and drinking water for the guests. Each container of fresh water costs PhP20 and 5 gallons of drinking water costs PhP100.

Electricity in the island is until 10pm only. There are no sockets as well. They basically provide you with lights only. If you need to charge your cellphone or electronic gadgets, you may do so at the owner's house. After 10pm, you can have a bonfire near the beach. They charge PhP300 for the bonfire setup.

Island Hopping

Island hopping activity at the resort costs PhP2,000 for 16 people with 5 island destinations. I've heard about Agho Island before and we passed by it during the activity. We didn't stop by the island though because the entrance fee of PhP25/person and PhP100 boat parking fee turned us off. The island is much like Sand Bar Island Beach Resort so we decided not to stop by.

Agho Island
Among all the islands we went to in this activity, I must say that Sand Bar Island Beach Resort is the most beautiful. Though it was fun to go island hopping with friends.

The "Sand Bar"

The sand bar is one of the wonders of Nature that I find really fascinating. That long stretch of curved white sand in the middle of clear water is just stress-relieving. It was even more fun to swim and take photos at the sand bar when it is submerged onto the water. It felt like you're in the middle of the sea.


PhP120    Bus from Iloilo City to Concepcion (vice-versa)
PhP2000  Boat Rental from Concepcion to Sand Bar Island Beach Resort (Roundtrip, up to 20 persons)
PhP25      Environmental Fee
PhP1000  Big Cottage (per night)
PhP800    Small Cottage
PhP2000  Island Hopping Boat Rental (up to 20 persons)

Going to Sand Bar Island Beach Resort is cheaper if you are in a large group. You can already enjoy the place in just 2days and 1night.

Important Note:
Last trip of buses from Concepcion to Iloilo is at 3pm.

Contact Number:
Sonny Eusala - 09068197516

Big thanks to Lakas ng Trip for the very helpful travel guide. :)


Magnificent! The Philippines is really blessed with beautiful places yest to be discovered! :)

I am now your follower. Hope you can follow back.

Hi Farida,

Yes, the Philippines is really blessed with naturally beautiful places. :)

Thanks for dropping by. I've followed you back. See you around! ;)

The sandbar reminds me of Camiguin....

How I wish I'll be there soon. I've never seen sand bars in my whole life considering I'm from Cebu.

Ang ganda! I'd rather be at this resort, than be in Boracay. :) Super crowded na kasi ang Boracay and I'm not a party-goer, so I'd choose to have a quiet retreat at this beautiful island. Thanks for sharing!

Yup! I still love Boracay in spite of the crowd but this sand bar in Iloilo is also worth visiting. It's beautiful and so serene. :D

How much ung fare sa boat pa punta sa sandbar if 2 person?

Hi April,

I think yung boat fare is still PhP2000 kahit 2 lng kau kc per boat ung rental nun. Re food, yes its ideal that you bring your own food. If not, you should ask them if pwd silang mgprepare ng food for you. :)

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