Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sagada Itinerary (in the making)

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When planning to go for a trip, I always want to squeeze in a number of places in a short period of time. But always end up cancelling one destination due to time constraint: We weren't able to visit Caramoan when we went to CamSur and our Camiguin trip was also cancelled when we went to CDO.

Right now, I'm drafting an itinerary for Sagada. We booked a ticket to Manila months before so I'm hoping we'll be able to see the rice terraces this time. I wanted to visit the tattooed women in Kalinga for this trip but upon researching on travel time, transportation, etc., it seems that it won't be possible again if we are to visit the tourist spots in Sagada.

Here's my itinerary so far:


10:00 PM  ETD Manila-Banaue (9hrs)


7:30 AM   ETA Banaue
8:30 AM   ETD Banaue-Bontoc (3hrs)
11:00 AM ETA Bontoc
12:00 NN  ETD Sagada
1:00 PM    ETA Sagada
1-2:30 PM Lunch & Rest
2:30 PM    Echo Valley Tour + Mt. Ampacao Trek via Lake Danum


4:30 AM   Kiltepan View (Optional)
7:00 AM   Breakfast
8:00 AM Spelunking
12:00 NN Lunch + Orange Picking
2:00 PM     Bomod-ok Falls


4:30 AM    Kiltepan View
7:00 AM    Breakfast
7:30-8 AM ETD Sagada-Baguio (5-6 hrs)
2:00 PM    ETA Baguio + Lunch
3:00 PM    Tour (strawberry farm,camp john hay, etc)
10-12:00    ETD Baguio-Manila

As usual, this is not final yet and I guess it will never be finalized.lol

I welcome tips and suggestions for this trip. Thank you!


I live in Baguio and I have never been to Sagada. Friends swear it is a beautiful place, though, and people are nice. They speak good English, too.

My mother's side of the family hails from Sagada. You will pass through where my grandfather grew up on your way to the big falls. Every time I visit, it is always a magical experience. I would love to live there. :) Hope you enjoy your trip!

Thanks Marie and Vera. I haven't made any reservations yet but I'm already excited.lol

I love Sagada :-) When you go to Bomod-ok falls, you will be walking thru rice terraces so you definitely will see it on this trip! And don't miss the yogurt. Yum Yum!! Have fun in Sagada!

I've been reading up on blog posts of acquaintances who have been to Sagada. It was awesome even in the pictures. I hope your travel plan there was smooth-sailing and that you were able to visit all those in your itinerary

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