Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just Joined BC Bloggers

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I'm not new to blogging. I've been doing it for more than 5 years already. But I've never blogged too seriously. I didn't engage with other bloggers, didn't build up links, etc. It was just sort of personal blogging for me. This time though, I intend to share tips, information, and some experience that may also be of good use to others.

Recently, I discovered a blogging community, the BC Bloggers. I've seen their badge in most blogs I've hopped to so I thought it was a good start for me to build up and spread a word about my site by joining this big community online. I'm looking forward to meet more bloggers and be more active and inspired in updating and improving my blog.

If you're interested to join BC Bloggers as well, just click the badge above. See you around! :D


Hi, Maribeth!Welcome to BC Bloggers. I am new to blogging, unlike you. But joining BC Bloggers is fun! You get to meet a lot of new friends in the blogosphere!!!I just followed you, hope you do, too!!!

Hi Marie! Thanks for dropping by. Just followed you as well. See you around! :)

Welcome to BC Bloggers! You have a great site here :)

welcome to BC Bloggers
enjoy the community

hi Maribeth, welcome to Bc Bloggers.. see you you around...

Hi! Welome to BC bloggers. It's really fun. You get to visit other blogs and read about their stories. Hope you'll continue to participate in the CommEx.

Welcome to the group sis. BC Bloggers is one of the best online group ever :)

CE 11/6

Welcome to BC Bloggers! Been blogging for a while now and it's fun joining comment exchanges like this one.

Welcome to the community. BC Bloggers rock!!

Hello everyone! :) Thanks for the warm welcome. It's been fun so far. See you around! :D

Welcome to the community. Hope you do enjoy blogging more.

Welcome to the community. I hope you enjoy the ride :)

At a first glance, it seems that you are a traveler. I wonder if you have gone to Bohol?

@Allan: Thanks! :)

@Mylene: Yup, I've been to Bohol but my blog hasn't been created that time Maybe I'll blog about it sometime. Are you from Bohol?

Welcome to our world. :D You'll love it.

New follower here.

Welcome to Bc blogger, I am hopping from my second blog for the first time...:)

Welcome! I am also starting to get the hang of it although I haven't yet joined the meme. :-)

Hi there! Welcoming you also to BC Bloggers. I used to do that also, the one-woman show. I also started blogging just to simply write. But being one-sided for too long is boring, so here I am joining groups like this one.

Welcome to the group! Am a newbie here, too, and like you been blogging for quite sometime! :) All the best!

Hi! Its nice to have new members around. Im sure you will enjoy it here. We are looking forward to read your posts:)

Welcome to the club. Happy to see your blog joining in.!

Hi Maribeth! Welcome to BCBloggers!
You've made the right decision... It's fun to be a part of this growing community!
Plus you get to meet lots of talented people too!

See you around!

Welcome to BC Blogger Community Ms Maribeth! :)

Enjoy the Fun!

Welcome to the blogging world! You for sure enjoy in this arena.

This is really overwhelming. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. See you all around. :)

Welcome to BC Bloggers! Yay, I'm so happy to know that you blog about travel stuff! =) Excited na ako to check your posts. =)

Welcome to the group who does nothing but support each other all the way! :)

Hi Maribeth! Welcome to the community. Hope to see you around.

welcome to BC Bloggers. It's also one of the reasons why i joined the community. :)

hello!!! welcome to BC Bloggers!!!! have fun! :-) see you around! :D

Welcome to BC Bloggers Sis! Hope you will enjoy inter acting with the community of bloggers. :)

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