Friday, November 9, 2012

Travel and Fashion: Map Wedge Shoes

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Though I love travel and fashion, these two don't go too well most of the time for me. Comfort is my top priority when traveling. So when I found this photo on Pinterest, I was really awed by the creativity of the designer. It has perfectly combined travel and fashion in this shoe. Aside from flip flops, I also love to wear wedges. Although I don't fancy wearing this particular one, I wouldn't mind having a pair in my shoe rack or cabinet. :D

This is the 99 Tie wedges by Jeffrey Campbell. The latitude on each pair of shoes are actually unique so even if you find someone wearing the same shoes, they still won't look exactly the same. The photo was pinned from and a pair of this lovely wedge costs $152.99. So if you like it,  you can Shop Shoes from Modcloth!

If you have a pair of this, how will you mix it with your clothes? I'm thinking of pairing it with white or beige (short) shorts and any tank top.


Agree with you. This is something I'd want but would not have the gall to wear. :) If I were to buy it, it'd probably end up in a display case at home.

Like Olga, I do not think I can pull this off. I am a flats girl. There should be flats version of this one.

Agree with you and Olga. I don't have the gall to wear this. It also wouldn't go with any of my outfits. LOL.

This wedge is cute, like you I prefer having them on display than wearing it. :)

If there's a for male version of this, I would really love to have one. It's stylish. love it.

I like the wedge but I don't think I can wear it. :)

Hi everyone. Thanks for dropping by. I guess most of us share the same opinion here. :)

Nice shoes but I can't wear it. Hehe

Mommy Maye

I like that they are wedges (I luv wedgies!)!They are cute actually. I have wedgie sneakers, but ever since I started running, I have been using flats :)

lovely shoes! i will pair it with any plain clothes i have to make it pop up.. XD

Those are cool shoes and would really make a statement! I love that the colors are neutral so I might wear them. :-) I would just be worried that they'll be dirty.

Beautiful pero mahirap yan sa mahabang lakaran :) Actually I won't even be able to wear that to work, sasakit ang paa ko at mag cramps pa siguro. hehe :)

that wedge is so cute, agree wear it with white/beige shorts, perfect get-up!

I'm not a big fan of wedges, but I WANT a pair of this one!

I like.

The price is reasonable for a great design :) Thanks for sharing the links sis.

CE 11/27

wow, love the shoes. but same goes with me sis, i want comfort always tlga that's why even when i'm only 5 feet, i still wear flats.

This is indeed cute with shorts or jeans and a white top. :)

I think this would look good with an adventurer's outfit. The brown, beige or khaki ones!

This is so cool. Will really complement a traveler's outfit. :)

yeah, comfort is the most priority when it comes to travelling. if i wear this, i might end up complaining foot ache. hahaha

Cute neto! Pero ayoko ng madaling madumihan na color kung pang-travel. And I agree na perfect for shorts to :)

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