Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day - The Best Time To Shop For Christmas?

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It's Thanksgiving season once again. Though we do not officially celebrate the holiday here in the Philippines, we still get to enjoy it because of the huge discounts from different online shops. The sale usually begins during Thanksgiving Day or the day after which is popularly known as Black Friday. Major shopping stores in the US traditionally offer promotional sales to welcome the Christmas shopping season during this day. But due to the modernization of our world today, Black Friday has spread all throughout the cyberworld., for one is having their 'Tis The Season Sale right now which lasts until Sunday, November 25. They are offering big discounts for their hundreds of brand new styles from cute and chic dresses and vintage swimwear to stylish stuff for your home. This Round About Time Mug, for example, is now $7.99 only - almost 50% off its original price of $15!

Roundabout Time Mug

I haven't tried shopping from yet. I just recently discovered about this shopping site when I saw the 99 Tie wedges by Jeffrey Campbell at Pinterest. So when I was brought to their website, I can't help browsing through the different style of clothes, shoes, and other stuff that they offer.

As a person who loves to travel, it's hard for me to splurge on shopping. So the Black Friday event and other year-end promotional sales are such great opportunities for me to shop especially that Christmas is almost a month away.


Hi Maribeth, I thought you have recipes for juicing. I found some in the net but I have not really tried most of them.

By the way your template is so beautiful. Did you have it customized? How much did you pay if you don't mind me asking. Thanks!

Hi Farida,

I just made my own

I just customized a free blogger template I found online. :D

how i wish Philippines also celebrate thanksgiving and black friday so we could save a lot...

It sure is a perfect time to shop online because of their Black Friday Sale! :)

If only there is a Black Friday Sale here in the Philippines, I'm sure I'll be among the first customers in the store. hehe

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a great day to shop however this year I am giving it a miss as I don't want to end up buying stuff which I may not need just because they are on discount.

I like Black Friday sales too. What I usually buy online are mineral makeups and make up brushes. They are way way cheaper than the one in the department store. Much healthier for the skin, too!

There were really a lot of bargains for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The thing is we have to consider still the cost of shipping all of it home to the Philippines. If it still translates to a bargain then go ahead and do your Christmas shopping online!

I really hope we have that black friday sale here in Phils too.

I wish to experience this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale one of these days, and really get a good deal. Actually, this year, I tried one site but I was detected that I am overseas. Hehehe

I don't usually do shopping for Christmas hehehe... but with online sale it is another thing :D

I agree! It's the best time to shop online becuase of the Black friday sale. Good thing there is Johnny Air Cargo to bring the loot here.

great that you have thanksgiving and black friday in your place...

I want to shop online on Black Friday sale but I have no cash in my paypal. huh!..:)

There are lots of sales and discounts during holiday season. But make sure to compare prices from one store to another to get the most out of these season sales.

haven't tried shopping in an online site yet!

I take advantage of sales also. Good thing that there are plenty of 50-90% sales nowadays. We don't even need a Black Friday Sale to get stuff at really low prices. :)

Online shopping is addictive. Much more if it's full of discount like this Christmas season.

I really hope there's a Black Friday sale here in the Philippines. :)

I have another reason to go "monitor shopping" :) will check this out later

It's really interesting to shop when there are great discounts and perhaps online shops can provide more discounts because they don't have much overhead expenses to shoulder unlike on boutiques and stalls. Of course we should be very careful when shopping online.

it would be cool to have a black friday sale here in the philippines. for sure dagsa din tao.

We still got to enjoy their Black Friday shopping so I guess I am good,:)

sad,. I missed shopping during the thanksgiving day.. How i wish I have enough fund to shop online..

i don't have time to shop because of my busy sched so i always opt o shop online. that's if i have the time! haha

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