Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Sagada Trip: An Overview

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My post about our Sagada Trip is long overdue. Lol I've been very busy this past month and I have so many back logs at work and here in my blog as well. Anyway, since I don't know how to start talking about the Sagada trip, let me just summarize it first in this post.

As usual, I booked our airline tickets during a seat sale event months before our trip. I came up with our Sagada itinerary based on online research. We weren't able to follow everything on our itinerary though due to unavailability of some destinations. This was our itinerary, instead:


Arrived at Sagada (12:00 PM )
Checked-in at George Guest House
Had lunch at Lemon Pie House


Bomod-ok Falls (Cancelled - Falls was closed because it was a holiday for the Igorots)
Lake Danum ( No sunset because it was foggy)


Kiltepan Peak (Sunrise Watching)
Orange Picking
Sagada Tour 
Banaue Rice Terraces
Back to Manila

On our Echo Valley Tour, we were lucky to join a group who were also staying at George Guest House. Little did we know that it would be the start of our friendship with them. Our tour guide, Ezra, told us that it would be a better idea if we join them on our tour the next day. So we did and the caving adventure was so much fun that it took us 5 long hours to finish it. Normally, the cave connection tour can be finished in 3-4 hours. 

We were very thankful that they welcomed us in their group because we were able to ride in their vehicle going to Kiltepan Peak and Rock Inn Cafe. To add to our luck, they also allowed us to hitch going to Nueva Ecija where they're headed so that we can just ride a bus from there going to Manila. Lesser expenses and hassle for both of us. We even had the chance to stop by a number of Rice Terraces view points in Banaue.

I'll be publishing detailed posts about our specific tours, experience, etc. about this trip so stay tuned! :)


oh, i envy you...
i really really wanted to see sagada, particularly the caves

Ah the hanging coffins...I'd like to see that in person some day. Looks eerie.

Looking forward to seeing more trip pictures.. the shot above is really interesting

wow. haven't been to sagada. i am excited to go to other places soon..

oh, i'm sure that trip was really, really fun

I'd love to visit Sagada, but it's too far from Davao. It would be good to know how much you spent for the trip. :-)

This post is enlightening, my friend and I have been thinking of going on a vacation travel and sagada is one in mind.

I have read many good talks about Sagada. Hoping to visit this one day with my husband. I am excited with the photos of your trip there.

Mommy Maye

Its always nice to create new friendships during vacations! I love tours , i hope me and my family could do one soon!

This is the next place we might go to... so far we've been traipsing Mindanao!

You're lucky you have visited the place. My barkadas were planning it for the longest time ever, but due to our busy schedules, the trip did not push through. Your itinerary is a big help for me in the future.

My sister and I planned on going to Sagada before I got married five years ago but the plan never pushed through. Hopefully, when my kids are a bit older, we'd be able to explore Sagada as well.

I am from Baguio but I still have to go to Sagada or anywhere in the Mountain Province! My friends swear the place is beautiful and the people are nice

I would love to visit Sagada one day. Looking forward to your Sagada adventure post.

I have read a lot of stories about Sagada sa mga paperbacks.. and I wish to visit the place in the future

That was a well organized trip. Haven't been there. Nauna pa ata ako mag travel outside the country kesa ikutin ang Pilipines. I hope I can visit some interesting places in the Philippines, too.

Hello everyone,

Thanks for dropping by. Sagada is really a nice and breathtaking place. Wait until you read more of my posts about it.


My former officemate went to Sagada before and it seemed that she rode the helicopter. Is it not needed?

ooohhhh been wanting to got to sagada for sooo looong.... laging di mukhang malabo pa rin this year... :-(

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