Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sagada Cave Connection: Lumiang and Sumaguing Caves

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One of the highlights to most Sagada trips I've read online is the exploration of Lumiang and Sumaguing Cave Connection. It is one activity in Sagada that no one should ever miss. Some say that it is very difficult and that your body will feel sore the day after. At first, I was hesitant to try because caving doesn't really excite me that much. But since we were already there (in Sagada) and we found company, I cannot seem to ignore the opportunity.

Actually, the caving activity can be done in one cave only. But our tour guides suggested that it's better we do both. So we agreed. We entered in Lumiang Cave and exited in Sumaguing Cave, as suggested by our tour guides again. Most guests do the opposite. It seemed that ours was a better option indeed because  interesting rock formations are found at Sumaguing Cave. Feels like a good finale for the whole adventure. :D

From what we've heard, Cave Connection can be finished in just 3-4 hours. But we ended up doing it in 5 hours!lol We weren't aware on how long we've been inside the cave. Of course, we were busy trying not to slip or fall... Plus, our tour guide enjoyed taking our pictures. So we were just in a position to strike a pose whenever he asked us to. heheh

Spelunking at Lumiang and Sumaguing Caves is more than just sight-seeing. It's all about adventure and amazement. It felt unbelievable to see how deep and huge the cave is when all you can see outside is just a small mountain or hill. The water in some areas is also very clear though it just doesn't smell that good (because of the bats).lol It seemed like we were in a different world when inside the cave.

As I've said, the activity is more of an adventure. We had to rapel, slide, climb, and even step on our tour guide's shoulders just to go down some rocks.


Did you know that Sumaguing Cave is also known as the Porn Cave? It's because of the different rock formations inside it that resemble some private parts of humans. heheh Our tour guide had a good presentation of all the rock formations that's why we had a really great time exploring the caves. Photos of the caves can be found at my Photoblog.

This activity may be fun but it can be risky too. You really need to be extra careful, obey your tour guides, trust them, and don't forget to ask guidance from the Lord. Here's a good and useful advice that my group can give:


I have only tried Sumaguing Cave and it was indeed fun! I heard the cave connection is more challenging. Congratulations for making it thru the two caves!

I enjoyed viewing your photos! With a group of people visiting the cave together, it looks more like an adventure and fun! There must have been many surprises inside the cave people never expected :)

Hi Farida. Yes there were a lot of surprises inside the cave that will really amaze you. It was all worth all the bruises, cuts, dirt, and body aches. :D

i believe the adventure was an astounding experience...inggit ako, i dream of sagada's caves...kailan kaya kita mararating haha

Bruises, cuts, dirt and body ache, I can tolerate...but having to be wet also? Hehehhe biglang nag back out eh. I just don't like being wet unless I'm going for a dip or swim. Anyway that is quite an adventure, and trekking for 5 hours? Wow! Cool!

The pictures showed how adventurous your caving was. Very exciting. Good thing you tried it.

I don't think kaya ko ito... with rapelling ... and the rocks look so slimy! Pareho kami ni Aileen...ayaw ko din wet! Also kasi I like to bring a camera and so di talaga dapat wet!

I have never tried caving. It is indeed an adventure ha? Its like being in a movie!

Yup, it was an adventure.

@Aileen & @PinayRicamora

Heheh yup you can get wet but no need to dip your whole body into the water just your feet. then mbabasa lng damit m because of the wet rocks. Safe din yung camera, ung guide namin ang humawak eh kc alam na alam nya wen kmi kukunan at kung anong anggulo. so pose nlng

Ang saya, sis! I haven't been to Sagada. Looks really fun to visit the place. haha!!

I've been in and out of Sumaguing twice! nakakaloka both experiences. Ngayon I'm not sure if kakayanin ko pa. Mahihiya na lang siguro ako sa tour guide sa bigat ko eh. hehe

What a nice adventure though I am afraid of small spaces, I might consider this one really a good aadventure.

I like the jump shot, you guys are really had fun..

Nice adventure. With all the climbing, it's tiring but it sure worth it no?

Mommy Maye2

Practically all of my officemates have been there na. ako na lang hindi ata haha (I live in Baguio). I want to be there too this year siguro!

Wow, this is both scary and fun. LOL Haven't gone spelunking for a looong time!

It's just sad that the walls of the cave are vandalized already. I have to see natures beauty being ruined like that.

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