Monday, January 7, 2013

The Lemon Pie House, Sagada, Mt. Province

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Before our trip to Sagada last November, I did some research first and one of the most recommended restaurants to visit is the Lemon Pie House. Since it was just near our guest house, we had our lunch there after settling in our room. 

The Restaurant

My first impression upon seeing the facade was just, uhm, ok. I didn't really have expectations. But when we entered the Lemon Pie House, the interior got us really impressed. It was very cozy and the owner (forgot her name) was very accommodating.

Inside the Lemon Pie House

The Food and Price

The food is pricey but the serving is large enough for an average Filipino. So I think its safe to share your order with your companion if you're on a tight budget or maybe if you're "on a diet". heheh The food is tasty, too. I couldn't say that it has something significant but it's surely worth your money. :)


The famous Lemon Pie is indeed DELICIOUS! The top portion of the pie is like brazo de mercedes. There's no question why it got really famous. If you want to order for a whole plate of it, you will need to tell the owner in advance because you'll more likely be able to pick it up the next day.


Lemon Pie House is a must-try when you visit Sagada. There's only a few restaurants there so you could actually try them one by one if you stay for at least 3 days. Not unless you're planning to cook your own meal. The expensive price of their food is almost the same with other restaurants. Best way to save is to share it with your companion so that you could also split the bill. 


Sagada Province! Until now, going there remains a plan. :) But who knows? If that happens, I will surely look for this lemon pie store. :)

Sagada is actually near us (Pangasinan) but we haven't been there. Perhaps when the kids are older. Thank you for this post. Will put in our list of places to visit when we get there.

I love their lemon pie! 2 years ago, a slice costs only Php25... has it gotten expensive already?!

We also had lemon pie when we went to Sagada. The chairs are low and we just came from spelunking the day before. We had muscle pains. Once we were seated, we didn't want to stand anymore. hahaha

I forgot, sorry.heheh I think its still PhP25...

Ah, when you said "the food is pricey", I immediately thought of the pies. I forgot that they also offer meals :-) The pies were very affordable :-)

I heard about Sagada's Lemon Pie in the past. Good thing my uncle gave us a box to enjoy for ourselves and it was pretty delicious! :)

I love desserts so I can imagine how popular the pie is with sweet lovers. maybe someday I'll try it if I visit your beautiful country. :-)

sagada is included in my travel list. hmmm, maybe next year this will become reality.

We brought home two boxes of Lemon Pie the last time we were there. I intended to give one box to my TLs at work but we ended up eating it too. haha :)

lemon pie??? that must be heaven!!!! hehehehe :D

I am interested in the pie since I love brazo de mercedes. Mmm...!!!

The pie really look so delicious. :)

the lemon pie looks very delicious

I want to go there this year haha. My friends say people are nice there and they speak English?

Hi Marie. Yes people there are really nice. They speak English fluently too. Our guide said that its not because of their interaction to foreign tourists but because only the Americans were able to really influence them culture-wise. Unlike most of the provinces here in our country which are mainly influenced by the Spaniards.

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