Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WW: Ati-atihan Festival, Kalibo Aklan

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Time for Wordless Wednesday (WW) once again at Life-Trotting.Com. I've been to Kalibo last weekend to join the Ati-atihan Festival. I want to write some words about my experience but for now, let me just share these colorful pix with you. :) 


been sometime since I have joined the mardi gras! usually, i stay away from the crowds and the heat! but would be wonderful to take time out to attend grand celebrations!

Nice an very colorful feast. I hope one day I can enjoy all the festivals we had here in the Philippines.

Ati-Atihan and Sinulog are among the many festivals that I really want to experience. :)

I've been missin' a lot of fun! Crowd is a no no for me, but when it comes to Philippine Festivals, I can always endure the suffocation! :)

The photos are amazing... That costume must have taken hours to make... Have you been getting my comments? I hope so.
BTW, I forgot to add my blog to this week's bc list, a visit would be appreciated.

WE just celebrated Sinulog here in Cebu and I'm sure it's as festive and colorful as the Ati-Atihan. :-)

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