Saturday, January 5, 2013

El Nido FUN (Video)

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November and December of 2012 were busy months for me. There are a lot of adventures that I haven't posted yet. I'm not even finished blogging everything about our Sagada trip in mid Three weeks after that, we went to Puerto Princesa and El Nido, Palawan. Then there was the Christmas holidays and the unexpected Boracay getaway before the year ended. Phew!

For now, let me share this video that says all about the FUN we had in exploring the different islands in El Nido. It's best to watch it in HD. Enjoy! :)

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I would love to travel more this year! I hope I will have the time and the moolah!

Wishing yo peace and blessings for 2013... Stopped by form the BC Blogger group.
Eliz (bc blogger)

Ang ganda ng El Nido! I wish I can travel as much as you do. :-)

you are lucky to have traveled a lot last year.. I hope I can visit one of the tourist spot of the country this year..

I love traveling, too! We usually do that every summer. :) It's a good teacher of life. You're lucky you get to travel often.

Hi Maribeth! I've always wanted to go to El Nido! There are many low cost fares now and I'm tempted to book a flight for my family. But I always think if it's safe to bring my terrible but fantastic 2yo to the trip. :)

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