Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Dropzone Experience

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Dahilayan Adventure Park: Drop Zone

Aside from the dual zipline, which Dahilayan Adventure Park boasts as the longest in Asia, what I really wanted to try is the Drop Zone. I have tried Bohol's, The Plunge, and it gave me a real extreme and stress-relieving experience. The Plunge and the Drop Zone are pretty much the same actually. I just don't know which of the two is higher.

Anyway, the Drop Zone is 120 ft level high and here's my video of it. I just put an audio because my scream was really Enjoy!

Rate for the Drop Zone is PhP500/pax and PhP750/pair. 


I really really really want to experience Zipline! I just hope I can find the place and time. :)

wow! naiinggit ako sa'yo just now. Dahilayan Park is definitely somewhere I want to set my feet on. I'm dying to try their zipline. I lived in CDO for years, but they didn't have it then.

We have also zipline in Leyte but never experience it.

Hello ladies. Thanks for dropping by. Zipline is really a must-try. It's fun! :)

This seems to be a really thrilling experience. At least you're secured very well :)

By the way, I've been juicing only since last week. Aside from wanting to lose like 10 more pounds, this is also a great means for me to consume vegetables. And this is so much easier than cooking! Would you share recipe juices that you've been doing?


Yes it's really thrilling :D
About the juicing, I replied to your blog. Sorry I didn't know where to

I heard one of my colleagues experience on the said drop zone and this is one adventure he will never try again. hehehe

I love it! I want to do this too. At this age wala pa ako nasusubukang activity na ganyan.

This is one thing I would love to try but never got the courage to do it. Hehe. I am afraid of heights kasi so surely I can't do it. Ang tapang mo sis!

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