Monday, September 17, 2012

White Water Rafting at CDO

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White water rafting is available in several places in the Philippines. But I guess Cagayan De Oro is the most popular spot for this adventure. 

During our recent CDO trip, I wanted to squeeze in Dahilayan Adventure Park, white water rafting, and Camiguin tour in 4days/3nights (Friday-Monday). But it was not convenient for us because Dahilayan only offers shuttle service during Saturdays. White water rafting takes about 5-6 hours including travel time to the site. Then Camiguin is about 2-4 hours travel time away from CDO city depending on your mode of transportation. So we needed to choose between Camiguin and White Water Rafting for our Sunday schedule. Our reservation for the white water rafting wasn't sure yet because each boat needs to have a minimum of 4-5 persons. Which means that we had to wait for a couple or a trio to reserve on the same date. So we decided that if we cannot go on a white water rafting activity, we'll just go to Camiguin. Luckily, there were also 2 guests who booked on the same date so the Camiguin tour was cancelled.

1st Rafting Adventure

We booked our whitewater rafting activity with 1st Rafting Adventure as referred by an inspiring and very helpful travel blogger, Journeying James. There are a number of companies that offer this activity. To make it easier for me to choose, I just relied on James' referral. :)

1st Rafting Adventure has been in business for 17 years already. Several local celebrities and politicians have joined "paddled" with them: Angel Locsin, Piolo Pascual, Marc Nelson, Dyan Castillejo, and even former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
1st Rafting Adventure was very accommodating. I contacted them to inquire about their services months before our trip and they answered my every query. I just booked with them few days before our trip and it was really helpful that they are easy to communicate with. I was able to reach them through email, facebook, and mobile phone.

The rate for the white water rafting advance course 1 was only PhP1000 per person. It included transportation service to the rafting site, rafting guides, gears, and lunch at Brewberry cafe. Already a good deal, right? The Advance Course 1 has 21 rapids and took about 3-4 hours. 

We did not only have a rafting experience but a fun tour at Cagayand De Oro River which separates Bukidnon and Cagayan. To the right of the river was Bukidnon and to the left was Cagayan De Oro. While on still water, we had the chance to swim, jump from a big rock, and of course take pictures. 

Here are some photos taken by our rafting photographers. All of our pictures were compiled in one CD and we paid PhP250 for it. 

High Five! Ahoo! Ahoo!

at a small waterfall

Photographer 1 on a kayak

Photographer 2


FUN is on our
With our guide and photographer
It was really a pity that I was not able to bring my underwater camera. I saw a crack on its edge so I decided not to bring it just to be safe. It would have been really fulfilling to shoot a video while rafting. lol

Anyhow, it was really really fun. The guides are easy to get along with and you'll enjoy their company too.If I go back to CDO, I'd really want to do this again and maybe try a higher course with more rapids. First timers can already go for the Advance 1 course instead of the beginner's course. The rapids looked scary but I think there was nothing to be afraid of. 

For those planning to try whitewater rafting in CDO, make reservations as early as possible especially if there are less than 4 of you so that they can let you join in other groups.

1st Rafting Adventure Contact Details:


i wish when my kids are old enough, it's not too late for me to experience this kind of adventure.

I want to try this one. Must be fun but I worry about my vertigo. I might not be able to handle this well.

i used to live in cdo pero hindi ko pa na try tong white water rafting.sayang it looks fun.

Awesome pics! It would be a blast to experience rafting in a brown river. We came there, too, last Valentine's and I had so much fun (like you and Paul) I had to blog about it here:


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