Saturday, September 8, 2012

Having A Great Time at Cagayan De Oro

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Cagayan De Oro has been giving me a blast so far. Just came from Dahilayan Adventure Park at Bukidnon. I was still sleepy on the way to Dahilayan and wanted to take a nap while on the road. But the day was bright and the clouds are so fluffy. I also knew that we'll be able to pass by Del Monte plantations like pineapple so I decided to stay awake so as not to miss the view. I actually felt like on an African Safari trip because of the beautiful clouds, fields, and trees like the ones I see on photos. Ok that's only based on the photos I saw so I was just somehow fantasizing I was on a Safari trip. lol

Dahilayan Adventure Park reminded me of E.A.T. Danao in Bohol. It's just mre beautiful and it felt like Baguio too because of the pine trees and the cool temperature.

Togeher with Paul, I conquered the 840M Zip Zone, dubbed as the longest dual zipline in Asia. I also tried the Drop Zone, a free fall from 120ft level. It was a version of E.A.T. Danao's "The Plunge". But I prefer the latter because I was Dropped in the middle of two mountains with a river in between.

The fluffy morning clouds went gloomy at noon though and it rained in the afternoon. It just made the temperature colder and I even felt like freezing already. But we were actually lucky with that rain because it gave us a beautiful rainbow just before our schedule to leave.

Dahilayan Adventure Park is really a beautiful place with scenic views that you'll want to take pictures everywhere. The activities are also fun so it was all worth our time going there. 

Tomorrow we're going for a white water rafting and we're just so excited! :D

(I'll be posting more details about this trip soon...)

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Dahilayan is very scenic and for those who love the zipline, they would enjoy the one here!

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