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I ♥ CEBU ~ Whale Sharks at Tan-awan, Oslob

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The day after we went to Osmeña Peak, we headed straight to Tan-awan, Oslob Cebu, at 6am which is only an hour ride from Dalaguete. We rode a Sunrays bus going there and just told the "konduktor" to drop us at tan-awan brgy. hall or where we can watch the whale shark. The bus fare was PhP50/person. There are also Ceres buses but we rode the first one that passed at Dalaguete. :D

We first paid for the fees which amounted to PhP420/person. PhP320 for the boat and swimming (fee). But if you don't intend to swim, you will only pay PhP300. Then PhP100 for the entrance fee which includes the use of a life jacket. There are already tourists before us so we had to wait for our turn though the line isn't that long yet. So it was a good thing that we went there early.

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I actually expected that guests will be oriented about the rules or proper conduct in whale watching. But there was no briefing or orientation. You just have to refer to the code of conduct in their sign board →

We left our bags inside the sari-sari store which was also part of the whale shark watching site. We were a bit hesitant to leave our valuables there but we had no other choice but to leave it there. Thankfully, the people there are trustworthy. 

The taxi driver who brought us to the airport on our last day told us that he was from Tan-awan. He said that the town has long been a home to the whale sharks. Ever since he was a child he already saw and heard about the butandings. He said that there was a large whale shark before, as large as a Ceres bus. But it is no longer there, perhaps it's already dead. The driver further told us that fishermen don't dare kill these whale sharks because of their superstitious belief that if you take one from them, they will also take one from your family in return. 

Anyway, the whole encounter with the whale sharks was really really fun. I think you cannot fully appreciate these magical creatures if you don't see them underwater. Most tourists just watch them from above the water so I can't imagine how they enjoyed their Swimming or even just watching them underwater is truly a one heck of an  experience! The gentle giants are really magnificent, amazing, and magical. I love watching their spots that seem to glow underwater and their gills that seem to breathe life under the sea.

Here's a compilation of the underwater videos we took using Sony TX10.

music used: Shark in the Water by VV Brown

Right after the whale shark encounter, we took a shower and had our brunch. They serve food there like grilled fish and pork. There is also a carinderia across the street. On my DIY Cebu itinerary, we were supposed to go to Kawasan Falls after Oslob. But we got really tired swimming so we just headed back to Cebu City. :D

How To Get To Tan-awan, Oslob:

1. From Cebu City, go to South Bus Terminal.
2. Ride a bus going to Oslob.
3. Tell the "konduktor" to drop you at the whale shark watching site.

Summary of Expenses:

Dalaguete to Tan-awan - 50
Whale Shark Watching Fees:
Entrance - 100
Boat+Swimming - 320
Tan-awan to Cebu City (via aircon Ceres bus) - 155
Southbus Terminal to Sapaguita Hotel (Via Taxi) - 61

Total Expenses Per Person From Dalaguete To Tan-awan To Cebu City - PhP686
Total Expenses Per Person From Cebu City - Tan-awan & Vice Versa - PhP791


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Great experience indeed! Hope I can visit the place too. Looks promising!

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