Friday, April 19, 2013

Cooling Off The Summer Heat at Malumpati Cold Spring

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Last week, me and my friends were supposed to go to Isla Gigantes. It could have been my second time to explore the place. But because of an unforeseen event, we ended up going to Malumpati Cold Spring in Pandan, Antique. It was a sort of last-minute decision because the Isla Gigantes trip was cancelled 3-5 hours before our scheduled departure. We got frustrated because everyone was excited and very much ready for the trip. We even planned a surprise birthday party for our friend. 

Because of the spoilt excitement, we decided to go to Antique instead since one of my friends said its cheaper there. And as what we always believe, unplanned trips always turn to be the most fun and memorable getaways. So all we had to do that time was show up at the van terminal at We just had a few bucks in our wallets, no plans, no reservations, and I didn't had an idea how to go there.

Malumpati Cold Spring

(I just used "Malumpati Cold Spring" in this entire post instead of "Malumpati Health Spring" because the former is more commonly used by locals. I'm not even sure which is the correct one.heheh)

We were a bit disappointed with the crowd when we arrived. All their rooms were fully booked and the cottages were occupied. The old lady told us that we could stay at the only vacant cottage at that time and just transfer at the bigger one in the evening where we could stay for the night. It was an open cottage not suitable for a sleepover but do we have any better choices left? lol 

This was the big cottage where we slept overnight. Sorry I had to blur it. lol

Since we all felt hot and sticky that time because of the cancelled trip and the long travel, we decided to jump into the cold spring right away. True to its name, the water was indeed very cold, just perfect for the summer heat and a great place to have a beer, too!


There's nothing much to expect here actually. All you can do here is swim, jump off their diving board (or maybe from the top of the tree), drink, take pictures, ride a "balsa", and do crazy things while enjoying the cold water. 


You can bring and cook your own food. But they also have an eatery where you can order your meal. You may choose from what's inside their fridge as well and they'll cook it for you.

There are also a few sari-sari stores within the area.


They have ample supply of electricity except for the outdoor cottages. We had to use candles at night and I re-charged my phone at the sari-sari store. 

Toilet & Bath

Toilet & bathrooms were clean and well-maintained. Though it was close at night.


The place is not ideal for long term vacation. Maybe just a night will do. Not much activities but great for friends, families, or groups to chill out especially with the very hot summer temperature today in the country. The water is clean and very cold, you'd love to stay there all day long. 

If you're interested to go there but have no idea how, just stay tuned and I'll be posting a guide on how to reach the place. ;)


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