Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm A Sunnies Kind of Girl

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Living in the Philippines where it's "sunny all year round" according to Lea Michele of Glee, wearing sunglasses is not just a trend, it is rather fundamental. Being a "night owl" myself, the sunlight can really hurt my eyes when I'm out in the morning so sunglasses have become an essential accessory for me even just for short trips or running for some errands.

I used to be particular on the brand of sunglasses I buy. Though not really the expensive ones like Rayban or Oakley. Maybe the highest price I've bought so far is worth PhP2,000++. However, I saw some vintage and stylish sunnies online and got attracted to them instantly! One particular brand I've been eyeing is Sunnies By Charlie, worn by some celebrities like Laureen Uy and Georgina Wilson.

They're not high-end sunglasses, not made of premium materials I guess, but they're very affordable and fashionable! The fact that they won't hurt my pocket made me think that it's worth trying them out. So I ordered 2 pairs at Zalora, the Hepburn and Brooke sunglasses(shown below). Transaction was smooth and after a week, I received these 2 pairs of Sunnies by Charlie! Retro? You bet! :)

Before ordering, I was completely aware of the risk since I haven't seen and tried the actual products. I only saw pictures from the internet. So possibilities are endless: they might not fit on me, not so durable, different from picture, may easily break, etc. BUT, when I received them, I was so glad that they aren't some cheapo sunglasses at all and they even look chic!


So what do you think of the sunnies I bought from Zalora? Do you want to buy a pair of sunnies, too? Just click on the image below to get started. There are actually a lot of brands of sunglasses at Zalora that you can choose from.


i wish i was into sunnies more like you maribeth, but for some reason i find it hard to find shapes that matches my face hehe :)

Same here actually. That's why I love Sunnies by Charlie because they're big enough for my face. lol

Hi! How can I order from Zalora? Do they have contact numbers? Thanks

You can order through their website. :) The link to the sunnies is at the banner in my post.

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