Thursday, June 19, 2014

Exploring Siargao

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I don't have an actual bucket list but if ever I have one, Siargao would be in it... and I would have ticked it off by now!

Siargao is said to be the surfing capital of the Philippines. I am no surfer so I cannot really tell if its the best surfing spot in the country. For a non-surfer like me, it's a great place to start learning how to ride with the waves. So it should be on anyone's itinerary when visiting Siargao. Even if you're not planning to be a pro, trying it once is worth the adventure. 

Since I'm not a surfer, I did a research on other activities to do while in Siargao. I found out that you can go island hopping, stand-up paddle boarding, caving, visit Magpupungko Rock Pool, or go to Bucas Grande. 

Our 4 Days and 3 Nights Itinerary in Siargao

Day 1: Cebu-Siargao flight (departure around 11:00 am)
Resort check-in, lunch, rest then 1-hour surfing lesson at around 3:00 pm

Day 2: Strolled along the board walk at Cloud 9 in the morning and went Island Hopping at 11:00 am

Day 3: Travel from Siargao to Bucas Grande (left around 6:30am)
Resort check-in, lunch, then went to Sohoton Cove Tour

Day 4: Travel from Bucas Grande to Hayanggabon port, Surigao before 7:00 am
Hayanggabon port to Surigao City via van
Surigao City - Cebu flight


Flying to Siargao in a sunny morning will give you a fantastic view of small islets which I guess are part of Bucas Grande. From the airport, we took a van going to General Luna with travel time of approximately 45 minutes. Siargao gave me an impression of a true island life. Not so crowded, no tall or big commercial establishments or resorts, abundant of palm/coconut trees and other tropical plants and trees.

Surfing Sesh

It was our first time to try surfing so we were taught with the basics only: how to stand up and balance on the board. Doing it with an instructor was easier because they find the perfect wave for us and push/pull us on the board while in the So lesser paddling effort for us. All we had to concentrate on was practice standing up and balancing while on the board and enjoy riding with the waves.

I'm proud to say that I learned how to do it fast... I guess. I didn't know what to do after the ride so I just jump off. I found out later on through the internet that you can actually just go back lying on the board. It was fun though, and very addicting! We wanted to do it again the next day but our bodies were sore!

Island Hopping

There are three islands to visit in this activity: Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam Island. The weather was gloomy when we went island hopping but the 3 islands didn't fail to amaze us.

Naked Island. Literally, it is naked. No trees, just a small island full of sand. Its like a sandbar without the main island. It was raining when we got there so we weren't able to enjoy swimming and exploring it. Kinda scary to be in a naked island with the clouds so dark and the rain pouring in. hahah So we just ate our lunch at the boat before going to the next island.

Daku Island. Its the biggest among three that's why its called Daku, which means "big" in Siargaonon dialect. Its where we had fun swimming on the long shoreline because the rain has stopped. There were also small cottages for rent.

Guyam Island. I really find this tiny island so cute! Small and circular but full of tall coconut trees. Looks so tropical and very picturesque!

Bucas Grande

The limestone islets at Bucas Grande are an amazing view while on the boat. It gives you that feeling of serenity and awe while looking at the scenic beauty of nature. The water is also very clear that you can see the corals, fish, and starfish in some areas.  Bucas Grande is not very popular yet compared to the famous tourist spots in the country. That is why we were able to enjoy the serenity of the place and its unspoilt natural beauty. 

There are different tourist spots within the islands of Bucas Grande. There's Sohoton Cove, Stingless Jellyfish Sanctuary, caves, falls, and lagoon. I think it needs a separate blog post so watch out for it (and pray that I'll be able to post about it lol).

For more photos of our Siargao trip, follow @lifetrotting on Instagram and check the hashtag #ExploringSiargao. :)


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