Friday, April 1, 2011

nth Time in Boracay Island

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Had a wonderful start for summer this year. Spent 2 nights in Boracay with my colleagues at work last March 25-27. We took a bus from Iloilo to Caticlan, Kalibo. The bus fare as of that time was PhP313/adult. As we arrived at the jetty port, we had to pay for the environmental fee, fast craft fare, and for the terminal fee (not sure if it was really a terminal fee, lol). From the jetty port of Boracay Island, we took a tricycle ride and went to D'mall to look for a place to stay. We settled at Sunwoo Resort which is just a few meters from the beach.

Sunwoo Resort has their own swimming pool and their service is somehow satisfactory. The guy was kind enough to give the family room for just PhP4000 per night. It was originally Php3700, good for 4 pax only and you have to pay PhP500 for each additional person. So that was already a fair deal for the 6 of us (though our other companion didn't stay with us so we were only 5 in the room). We had to pay for the henna stains on the bed sheet (PhP500) and two pillow cases (PhP200 each) though.

First thing we did was to get a henna tattoo! Boracay is a place where tattoos do not make you look like a weirdo, ex-convict, or a bad person. I personally want to have a real tattoo but maybe not this

Displaying Our Henna Tattoos
With the Cool (Henna) Tattoo Artist (the one with a headset)
I will no longer go into further details with our Boracay Trip but I will share some of the activities we did while we were there:

With the amazing Boracay Phoenix Fire Dancers
at a restaurant which name I forgot
Boracay Showdown at D'Mall
PhP35/40seconds Basketball Shooting
ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) Ride
PhP400/person + additional fees at the destination
At the __ Farm (Forgot the name)
(First stop during the ATV ride)
At the Rooftop of Tanawin Luxury Apartments
With a Beautiful view of Boracay Island


Beach Bumming
while waiting for the Banana Boat Ride


Banana Boat Ride (PhP200/person)
we were near the shore so obviously the facial expressions fake!
We were just practicing lol
Party Parteey!
At Guilly's Island Resto Bar
Boracay's night life is sooo FUN!!!
Boating (PhP2000/10pax)
It was a bit rainy and the sea was rough. So we were not able to sail around the island and the boatman didn't inform us beforehand. But the pay was still the same! Duh We were tricked by that boatman!

Going Home with sore bodies and SATISFACTION on our faces!
(This is my beloved BF, by the way :p )


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