Monday, April 11, 2011

Photographic T-Shirt Printing

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I was late for the art workshop registration last summer so I was not able to attend any of them. Since I badly wanted to do something this summer, I decided to enroll for an art workshop at SM City Iloilo. I was choosing among Oil Painting, Caricature, Graphics Design, and T-Shirt Printing. I decided to enroll in T-Shirt Printing because it has a good potential for business. The lesson started yesterday with Sir Benny Loro and we are going to start the practical workshop later. So I needed to have a design. I wanted to print a logo for the Link Wolves but couldn't think of any. I wanted something for the summer and here's what I found from Google:

We are going to use a silk screen for the printing so I need to have a black and white design. Which means that I have to edit this one. I recently had my laptop reformatted and my technician-colleague didn't install an Adobe Photoshop software! So I had to do it with "Paint" and I ended up deleting the undies/bikini of the

I am going to put this one at the top-center portion of the shirt. 


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