Thursday, September 1, 2011

City of Wonder Allies

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Google Plus has been buzzing up the cyberspace ever since it was launched. I myself wasn't able to join the first time they allowed an invitation-only registration. On the second time, I grabbed the chance. Google+ is a social network but different from Facebook. I like the "circles" feature because its easier to set your privacy by just selecting which circle your post will be visible. Anyway, its a pity that only a few of my friends and colleagues are on Google+. I'd really love to have more friends here so that I can invite more allies in City of Wonder. LOL

City of Wonder Allies

I love playing online games. I've played Facebook apps like Restaurant City, Farmville, Farmtown, Zuma, Bejeweled, and Cityville. So a game was one of the first things I checked in Google+ and I've been addicted to City of Wonder ever since. It also has a Facebook app but I've already started it in Google+. Besides, I can add more allies without adding them as friends. So who wants an ally in Google+ City of Wonder? Please add me to your circle and send me an invite -

Looking forward for some new allies. Thanks!!!


I played COW before in Facebook. I'd like to play this in Google+ too but I don't have an account No one sent me an invite.

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