Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Google Plus and a PR

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I had 2 great news from Google this week!

Google Plus has, once again, opened its doors for new members. It is still in its testing period but I can't miss this opportunity. So, I'm officially in Google Plus now. Feel free to add me. ;)

Some bloggers have been posting about the Google PR update from last weekend. Some had a Google slap while others were lucky enough to be given some honors... and I'm one of the lucky bloggers! ^^ I was actually busy checking my clients' updated PR for their sites that I forgot to check my own blog's PR. lol I just remembered checking it last night and I was surprised to see a small green color in the PR bar. My blog has a PR 1! I started this blog a few months back and I intended this to be just a personal blog, no promotional article for clients and such. I don't even focus on a niche. So I never really expected this PR. :D


Congrats with the PR! I would like to join Google+ too. Is it still accepting new members?

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