Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer-Ender Vacation: Baguio II

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July 04, 2011
One activity that we wanted to do in Baguio was strawberry picking. So we went to the strawberry farm first thing in the morning by riding a taxi. Our fare from the hotel to farm was barely a hundred pesos so it was really a good thing that we didn't take Manong's tour offer worth Php2500. Unfortunately though, it was not the harvest season for strawberries. lol We still went to the strawberry field though and just saw a single pair of it.^^

From the strawberry farm, we went to Camp John Hay and had a sumptuous lunch at a Chinese restaurant which name I forgot.

After filling our stomach, we walked around the area, took pictures, and looked for the Tree Top Adventure. They offer some adventurous activities like the canopy ride, silver surfer, and the tree drop. The canopy ride was only scary at first but the view was really breathtaking. I was a bit trembling as I was going for the tree drop. But seriously, it wasn't that thrilling. They dropped me, yes, but I was just like sliding at the rope. I only screamed because the guy didn't warn me that he was about to release me. It was nothing compared to The Plunge at Bohol's E.A.T. Danao Extreme Adventure Tour. ^^

From Camp John Hay, we then went to Burnham Park for some biking and boating.

From Burnham Park, we went to SM to grab some dinner at Gerry's Grill. The food was good but Dencio's was better. ^^ After dinner, we planned to watch the last full show of Transformers 3 so that we can pack our things after and head directly to the bus terminal. Unfortunately, we were late for about 5 mins! They wouldn't allow us to go inside the cinema because the movie already started 5 mins ago. Duh! It was our loss if we missed 5 mins of the movie but they didn't let us in. So we just went back to the hotel and took a short rest before going to the bus terminal.

We took the Deluxe bus with wifi and CR on our trip back to Manila. It was the most expensive trip they had but if you're thinking about safety and fast travel, it will all be worth it. We arrived in Manila too early but we just went straight to SM Mall of Asia hoping for some open restaurant. Some fast foods were open 24 hours so we took our breakfast at KFC and waited at the bay area until 10am for the mall to open.

Since our flight back to Iloilo was scheduled at around 5-6 pm, we just stayed at MoA and watched Transformers 3. I felt asleep on the later part of the movie not because it was boring but I just really lacked sleep that Anyway, on our way to NAIA terminal 3, we were wondering why the taxi driver didn't turn on his taxi meter. He told us that he's charging us a fixed rate of PhP350! Richy demanded we'll just transfer to another taxi because it won't really cost us about a hundred if he turned on the meter. But Gracey agreed with the fixed rate to avoid trouble. Though we just paid PhP300 to the driver. What a scammer!


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