Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer-Ender Vacation: Manila

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Summer was a bit lousy for me. Thankfully, we had a summer-ender vacation last weekend. We already bought a PhP465 worth of roundtrip AirPhil tickets last April and we were lucky that typhoon Falcon left the country before our scheduled trip. Places of destination in our itinerary were Manila, Laguna, and Baguio which we all fitted in 6 days! For this post, I will be sharing our activities in Manila or specifically, in places near Manila (Sorry, I'm not so good in geography).

First destination: GREENHILLS MALL!

As soon as we arrived at NAIA, we went directly to Greenhills Mall as per Sun-sun's request. We rode a taxi at a fixed fare of PhP650. 2nd hand cellphones almost dominated the 2nd floor of the mall or maybe just the part where we went. Then Paul & Sun2 stayed at Shogun hotel which location I have already 

The next morning, Paul, Sun2 and I went to MOA while Grace and her hubby, Richard, went to Robinsons Galleria. We just strolled around Moa. The two guys wanted to try ice skating but it was way too expensive. PhP300 for 30 minutes and additional payment for renting the ice skating shoes. We had lunch at Tokyo Tokyo and we were not really satisfied with the Peanut Butter Company, on the other hand, served great food but it was very expensive! Sorry but we're really picky and we always want value for our money. In the afternoon, we tried Wowowheels at the Seaside Boulevard at PhP80 per 10 minutes with one free picture souvenir. We had fun with wowowheels which was a good way to kill time.

In the evening, we headed to Star City.  The Viking ride was the first and the lousiest we ever tried. The big "ship" will slowly swing like a pendulum before it gives you the thrill. The boredom was actually longer than the thrill. It was a total waste of time. But the Star Flyer, Wild River, and the Blizzard were exhilarating. We rode the bumper cars thrice! Needless to say, it was addictive. The winter funland though was not very satisfying. We just went inside in a "snowy" room, slid in an icy slope, and that was it. Not even worth the PhP120 we paid. The time tunnel was also not too interesting. It looked liked we only walked inside for an educational tour. Gabi ng Lagim was fun because of the scaring, suspense, and the screaming.


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