Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer-Ender Vacation - Laguna

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* July 02, 2011 marks our 42nd month.^^

We rode on a Jam Liner bus bound to Laguna for our first destination of the day - Splash Island. We bought Splash Island coupons from Metrodeal for only PhP250 with an original price of PhP500 for an all-day access to all its amenities. Their lockers were small and our baggage cannot fit in so we just kept our important belongings in it. Locker rent was PhP100 for the whole day.

The slides looked scary but once you're on it, you'll feel The only thrilling slide I've tried is the Magellan's drop (the one at the middle). The slides also have specific schedule and you also have to fall in a long line most of the times. At the end of the day, we can still say that we enjoyed the whole experience.

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We left Splash Island at past 5pm and called for a tricycle to drop us at the jeepney stop going to Enchanted Kingdom. It was late afternoon already and the traffic was a bit heavy. After the jeepney ride, we had to take another 2 tricycle rides to reach EK. Due to a minor car accident along the way, we arrived at EK at around 7pm so we just paid for the entrance fee and didn't buy ride tickets. :( Thankfully, we were able to reserve seats at EK's shuttle service.


Since we were not able to try EK's rides, we just strolled around and enjoyed the place. A few people told us to go to Star City instead of EK because they're almost the same. After going to both places, I can assure you that EK is way too beautiful than Star City. Their names fit them both because star city is just like a "city" compared to EK's "kingdom". 


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