Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer-Ender Vacation: Baguio I

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From EK Shuttle Service's drop off point at Makati, we then went straight to Victory Liners Bus Station. We took the DeLuxe Bus to Baguio, aircon with WiFi (w/o CR), for PhP 700/pax. There were a few passengers in the bus and it was sooo cold. We arrived at Baguio around 3am, freezing! At the bus station, there was a man who offered us a selection of places to stay. He accompanied us to the different cheap hotels and we later checked in a family room at Ferrione II located at Fil-am Road. Since the sun hasn't risen yet, we slept for a few hours first before we explored Baguio.

We had our lunch at Baliwag Lechon Manok located near Burnham Park. We then looked for an internet cafe to check for emails and searched for things to do in Baguio. The man who helped us find a hotel offered us a whole day trip for PhP2500. Since the taxi fare at Baguio was cheaper compared to riding a jeep (for a group of 6), we decided not to take Manong's offer. It was raining so hard when we were at the internet cafe so we set aside our plans yet and went to SM City Baguio.

Living in a tropical country, we were really amazed with the weather in Baguio and that the mall needs no air-conditioning system at all. LOL Anyway, when the rain stopped, we decided to start with our itinerary by going to Mines View Park. We bought some souvenirs, took photos at the beautiful "mines view" and with Doglas Baguio, and ate banana que and corn cob.

Doglas Baguio
From Mines View Park, we went to Good Shepherd Convent but they were already closed. Fortunately, there was a good spot for picture taking in there!

From Good Shepherd, we then went to Wright Park where Ernestus rode a horse for 30 mins. Then we went up at the long stairs that led to The Mansion, the official summer residence of the president of the Philippines. Well, all we had to do there was to take pictures!^^

From The Mansion, we went back to SM City for dinner. It was a long day for all of us so we thought of a nice indulgence at Dencio's. ^^ The places we visited that day were all included in the usual tour itinerary of travel agencies or contractors. Fortunately, we didn't accept the PhP2500 offer. It was fun walking and commuting at Baguio because of the cool weather. 

Our 2nd day at Baguio will be covered in my next post. ;)


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