Thursday, February 16, 2012


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So it's been months since I last posted Life has been quite busy for me this past few months that I felt like I didn't have time to post here. So before I post some significant and insignificant happenings, here are a few updates first:

1. Camwhoring Got Better

I gifted myself a Nikon D5100 last Christmas. I have always loved taking pictures so I thought this was a good investment. I bought it from DB Gadgets. I have bought a memory card from this online store before so I was not hesitant to buy a DSLR from them. I wasn't even expecting to receive the package in less than 24 hrs! Needless to say, I was satisfied with their service. :)

2. Healthy Living

I had a one week Christmas vacation at home which meant that I gained some pounds! So to shred it off, I decided to take "healthy living" more seriously. I jog at least twice a week since January and I no longer eat rice on a daily basis. I only eat rice occasionally (what an achievement!). This is not only for the purpose of losing weight but also to hopefully get rid of the cysts (take note its in plural form) in my breasts. Since they are too small, they are inoperable thus they cannot be removed yet. So exercise and healthy eating is my best option to get rid of them.

3. Four Years of Love

Well, me and my beau celebrated our fourth year anniversary last January 02. Hoping for a more fruitful relationship this year. :D

4. Year 2012

According to Chinese horoscope, my lucky colors this 2012 is yellow and blue. Well blue is already my fave color and I love yellow as well. So it won't be too hard for me to use something yellow from time to time. :)

5. Travel

I love to travel. But I cannot do it every so often because of lack of resources and It's kind of impractical at times. But I've been to Boracay last January and spent my Valentine's date in Manila. lol I'll be writing separate posts for those trips.

6. Friends

Its been years since me and my college buddies had time together. It was a great coincidence that Shella and Michelle went home for a vacation at the same time. So our dinner date lasted till the next day. We decided to check in a hotel because we felt like we aren't finished chatting

I think that would be all for now. I really hope I could catch up with all the posts that I want to share in here. :)


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