Thursday, March 1, 2012

Boracay Despedida

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2012 started as a busy year for me. I had to cope with my "vacation hangover" when I started my first days of work for this year. Then I attended several despidida parties for sun2 as he was about to leave for Canada. By end of January, we had our last memorable trip to Boracay before he left:

Camwhoring at the beautiful Boracay sunset!

Boracay SUNSUNset ^^

Dinner! (forgot the name of the place)

Getting ready for a banana boat ride under the scorching heat of the sun...

We were shouting "Boring!" because of the boring and not-so-bumpy ride until...

all of those who were in the right side of the banana boat fell! LOL

and there was me laughing out loud despite my sore
trying the trampoline at PhP200 per person for 5mins (hmm I'm not actually sure if it was 5mins or just 3, I forgot :D )

had a few drinks at Guilly's on our last night at Boracay... body-aching, almost voiceless, and less energy to enjoy the night.


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